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Tim Hollingshead, M.D.

Dr. Tim Hollingshead grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California. In the 1970s, at the age of 19, he moved to Brazil for two years immersing himself completely in the local culture and language. While there he was captivated by the raw natural beauty of the Amazon and Pantanal. Upon his return, he enrolled at university where he furthered his language skills in Portuguese as well as studied zoology. Working part-time in a local hospital gave him the desire to pursue a career in medicine. After graduating from Brigham Young University, he went on to study and graduate from what is now the Kent State Podiatry College. (Previously it was known as the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine). He went on to fulfill a surgical residency in Denver, Colorado. Once completed with his surgical training in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery he established himself in practice serving the northeast corner of Colorado, eastern Kansas, southeast Wyoming, and the southwest panhandle of Nebraska. While in practice he established seven outreach clinics, supervised five physicians, served in numerous hospital board positions, pioneered telemedicine, authored article, was a featured speaker, served as the scientific chairman for the Colorado Podiatry Association, and ultimately as its president. He taught biology, anatomy, and physiology at both Southern Utah University and Dixie State University.

He left practice to speak on the national circuit teaching hospitals, malpractice insurance companies, and doctors how to improve their efficiency and optimize their effectiveness. He then expanded his business consulting to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. 

In recent years Dr. Tim turned his attention to hemp. Recognizing it for its nearly ubiquitous global applications he understands the healthy possibilities of its isolated CBD oil. With laws domestically and internationally becoming more understanding and accepting of its use, He has procured the finest strains of hemp yielding the purest form of CBD Isolate. The Isolate is pharmaceutical grade and medicinal quality. It comes from US-grown hemp. He has worked with some of the country’s most stringent laws, Utah to be safe, THC-free, and compliant with all regulations. Dr. Tim has developed a great-tasting, THC-free, isolate of CBD available in tincture, gummies, and pain creams.

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