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Not all CBD and Hemp is created equal. THG Naturals strives to provide only the best quality Hemp-Derived products to our customers. All of our products are formulated by our in house team of doctors and specialists. Our formulation team has been making products in the all-natural, organic and health-related industry for over 12 years. We manufacture in a start of the art facility that is climate controlled, monitored and meets Utah’s strict CBD manufacturing standards. Additionally, we source the highest quality hemp, grown to our standards, and only accept extracted CBD that meets our purity tests. Our unique approach to CBD has allowed us to bring to market some of the most life-changing products the industry has available.


THG Naturals CBD Oil

THG Naturals Oil contains the highest premium CBD currently legal in the United States.

Not only are you getting the highest quality CBD, but our patent pending process increases bio-availability well above industry standards.  Industry standard is between 6-20%.  Which means, if you’re taking a competitor’s sublingual oil, your body is most likely only absorbing between 6-20% of the total CBD that you’re taking.  Sounds like a lot of waste doesn’t it?

We only use 100% all-natural hemp, grown and processed at our farms and facility in the United States. Gluten-free and non-GMO.

We offer a variety of all-natural, awarding winning flavors: Orange Dreamsicle, Tiger’s Blood, Jungle Berry, and Cool Mint. Each flavor is uniquely made for us, so you’re guaranteed to never taste anything like this from any of our competitors.

How much to take?

With everyone’s body being so different and each situation unique it’s hard to say that what works for one person will work for another.  We recommend that you allow 6-10 days for your body to build up enough of the CBD in your system before you begin to adjust the amount that your taking.  It’s very important to remain consistent while starting your CBD regiment.  That being said, this is how many of our customers start using their CBD oil:

For the first four days, many individuals start by taking one serving of their daily dosage in the morning or one in the evening. Some take a full serving both morning and night.  A full serving is a full dropper of our CBD.

What is a full dropper?

  • Fully insert the dropper into the bottle. Gently squeeze the rubber end 2-3 times and release. The dropper will be roughly half full to three-quarters full which indicates a “full dropper”. (Oil will not fill the entire dropper)

Typically, heavier customers or customers with more severe symptoms have achieved desired results starting with a higher serving size each day and increasing/decreasing from there. Smaller customers or customers with more mild symptoms have reported achieving their desired results beginning with a much smaller serving of CBD and adjusting when necessary.

How long to notice results?

Again, based on everyone’s unique body composition, results will vary among people as will the time needed to notice results. We recommend that you allow 6-10 days for your body to build up enough of the CBD in your system before you begin to adjust the amount that your taking.  It’s very important to remain consistent while starting your CBD regiment.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor or health professional before taking CBD oil for particular ailments. The FDA has not evaluated statements of CBD and its uses nor do we guarantee this product will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Additional Information

To keep your CBD oil lasting as long as intended, keep in a cool dry place.

Shake very well before using any CBD oils.

Avoid touching the dropper to mouth to preserve the quality of your hemp extract oil.

14 reviews for Tiger's Blood

  1. Dr. Liz Olson

    I tried this CBD oil from a friend and felt instantly better in my knees. I am an endurance athlete and as I am getting a little older I feel some joint pains. I tried it for a few days and was blown away by how quickly I felt a difference in my knees. I take my CBD oil in the morning after my morning run, and then if I workout again in the evening (which I often do) I will take another dropper full in the evening. But, when I am not training hard I may not take any or just one dose. For me, I have noticed clear results and a direct improvement in my muscular and joint pains.

  2. Elizabeth

    This stuff is amazing. I’ve had major anxiety and depression issues for years mostly due to hormones. I dreaded once a month when my mind would go on this race track of negative and traumatic thoughts. I’m already on antianxiety meds too. So, we tried this and it was amazing how it calmed my adrenaline down so I could break the cycle. It has been a life saver for me and given me hope. I wish I could give it to the whole family.

  3. Rochelle Hansen

    Not disappointed

  4. Rochelle Hansen

    The taste is wonderful. The main thing I noticed right off the bat is it is making me calmer. My anxiety attacks are less. I sleep better at night. Not disappointed.

  5. Nikki

    I’m very happy to have found this product. I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember and can’t take traditional medicine to help me cope with them. After just a week I noticed my headaches are less frequent and not as painful. The product tastes great and is helping me return to a normal life!

  6. Leona

    I love this product! I am so happy my friend introduced me to it. I can’t wait to see what else it can do for me in the future.

  7. Kenzie

    I love this product! It tastes amazing and now I have my stress, anxiety and pain under control. I feel wonderful! I will never use any other CBD oil again!

  8. Abby

    I have lived with headaches and migraines all my life ever sense I have been little. Within the first 5 days of trying this amazing bottle I could really tell a difference with how I felt and and the headaches were all most gone I will not go a day with out this cbd oil now. On purpose I let the oil run out and the day I ran out I got a migraine , and cluster headaches the next few days. I finally brought a another bottle and l love it!!

  9. Anthony A.

    The 750 took the edge off, but this stuff helps a ton. I’m def telling my gf to start taking this soon because she hasn’t been sleeping at night.

  10. Amy John

    My son has Autism, and this has changed my life!

    Last Tuesday I officially reduced one of my sons medications that has caused so much weight gain and not any positive effects on anxiety or aggression. That same day I began faithfully giving him CBD every morning. I started this the second day of spring break so we could monitor the pros and cons of how he acted. He did great all week!

    Saturday night he got triggered over his electronics’ battery dying and full force came after me swinging, kicking and head butting. I yelled for my daughter to first call our neighbor for help and second to get me the oil for him. It almost brings tears to my eyes reliving it and looking back now that I swear to you it was only 10 minutes later he stopped hitting and calmed down. This potentially could have been as bad as the previous time I told you he literally beat me black and blue from my knee to my shoulder. I am definitely bruised from hits again but it was so much more short lived and I know 100% it is because of the oil. Truly this is saving my life from the aggressions of autism.

    Sent him to school today and was a little nervous but I don’t plan on getting him back on the respiridone twice a day. I text his teacher and he was doing well and calm this morning. I know without a doubt the oil is working but wish I could get the full dose in him somehow. Can you even imagine the amazingness it would do?! I will keep at it regardless we just might go through it faster than normal for a bit.

  11. Maria j.

    i talked to someone on the phone, i think his name was scott. he told me that i should get this smaller bottle to use during the day if my larger bottle stops working. sometimes i need it, sometimes i don’t. but it’s easy to carry and it works. it’s not as strong as the larger bottle, so i take that first, but this small bottle helps when i need more. i take it for anxiety and that’s basically what i run on, but i like this a lot. something that actually works.

  12. Emily Staples

    I just about gave up on finding something to help with the pain in my knee and hip but then someone told me about cbd oil. I’ve looked around at some other companies but a friend recommended thg naturals. honestly, at first i thought their oil was crap… the first three to four days i didn’t feel anything and almost stopped taking it, luckily my friend told me that it can up a few days before it starts to work. now i’m walking up and down stairs with virtually no pain. maybe someone should tell us about it taking a few days to kick in. either way, love the product so far.

  13. Able goodwin

    Epstein–Barr has been something I’ve dealt with for a more than a decade. I’ve tried lots of things, but cbd might be the only thing that actually helps. Oils from other companies haven’t really been helping, glad I was willing to try thg naturals.

  14. Rosie Valenzuela

    Skeptical, but CBD oil actually works. I have really bad anxiety and want to get off my prescription meds. I’ll follow back up after i’ve had the product for a few weeks.

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