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What is the difference between broad spectrum, full spectrum and isolate

There more than one type of Hemp extract used in CBD todays. It matters and you need to know why!
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Types Of Hemp Extracts

You're probably very familiar with the term "CBD" - which is actually short for Cannabidiol. CBD itself is a single compound, called a Cannabinoid, found within the hemp plant.

When someone refers to CBD - they are often referring to a hemp extract, not the actual compound Cannabidiol. It's important to understand the difference.

Often products are being sold and labeled as "CBD" - when in fact this may be incorrect. Extracts from the hemp plant may be a pure CBD isolate, full spectrum or broad spectrum.

Knowing the difference between these three matters. You may be surprised to learn that some of these extracts actually contain only a very small amount of CBD - sometimes less than 10%. In this case you're mostly getting other parts of the plant. While these d offer benefits, research indicates that CBD itself is the most important.
Full Spectrum
This hemp extract has a full profile of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. The benefits of these full profile extacts is that they contain many other compounds that are being linked to providing benefits inside the body.

There are two downsides to the full profile extracts, like Full Spectrum. First, it may lack the needed concentration of CBD (a single Cannabinoid in hemp) that your body needs. Second, it contains THC - while not enough to cause you to feel "high" this small amount of THC can actually show up on a drug test.

At THG Naturals we typically recommend that if someone prefers Full Spectrum products, that they also paid this with one of our Isolates. This ensures a more complete, full profile with an added boost of pure CBD.
Broad Spectrum or Canna-Combo
At THG Naturals we refer to Broad Spectrum as our Canna-Combo. Similar to Full Spectrum, this extract often contains other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant.

Unlike Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum typically contains very little THC and higher concentrations of CBD, which is what your body needs.

At THG Naturals we typically recommend that if someone prefers our Canna-Combo products, that they also pair it with an Isolate. This ensures a more complete and full profile with the added boost of pure CBD extract.
At THG Naturals we are firm believers in pure, high potency isolated extracts that give our customers complete control over what they're taking.

Did you know that each hemp plant is unique? Meaning each Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum extract contains different levels of various Cannabinoids. This matters because each product from the same company likely has a different concentration of Cannabinoids. This can drastically effect consistency and accuracy.

Because of this, many Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists recommend our products to their patients and customers.
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